Brooklyn Oldtimers Foundation, Inc.



On behalf of the Board of Directors - Brooklyn Oldtimers Foundation, Inc. (BOF), greetings and “Thank You.” Your generous support has been central to our Flexibility, Progress and Growth, we look forward

to an ongoing partnership, in support of: “Our Most Important Resource  -  Our Youth.”  

As the BOF celebrates its 47th Anniversary, we are particularly grateful to our donors, who have been crucial in support of our MISSION: To provide college  scholarships for students of scholastic promise and financial need. We believe education helps eliminate disparities and fosters the promise of equality and Advancement.

Scholastic challenges inherent to many of the schools in the Central Brooklyn District we serve often test our resolve, but also highlight the importance of the work we do. High school graduates from our community vying for college admission need and deserve all the support we can garner for them.

Our work is about education, and we devote ourselves to seeking the resources necessary to support this work. Education can be the ‘Silver Bullet,’ “positively impacting crime, poverty, drugs, unemployment and hatred.”

Donations make all our work possible, they pay for the scholarships that help to free our student scholars from financial worry. And “when they are free, they can be creative, when they are creative they can be productive, and that helps the whole of Community."

Each year we sponsor five (5) new scholarships and maintain support (through mentoring, tutoring, etc.) for an additional fifteen (15) scholarship recipients who are participating within our scholarship awards program.

We are proud of our scholarship recipients and encouraged by their postgraduate successes. Our program has consistently boasted a graduation rate in the high ninety percentile, a testament to the diligence of our student scholars when given the support they need.

Thanks again to our family of friends and supporters and please remember to come out and support our new group of scholarship recipients at our June 29th, 2019 Reunion and again on December 8th, 2019  at our Annual Scholarship Dinner Dance Gala.



James E. Dupree

James E. Dupree