Brooklyn Oldtimers Foundation, Inc.




1972 - 1981

The Brooklyn Oldtimers Foundation had its beginnings in June 1972 when five Carlton YMCA; Carlton Avenue between Fulton Street and Greene Avenue - the "Y" was established in Brooklyn to serve the African-American population) friends, who had participated in SPORTSMANSHIP activities together felt the need to renew their FELLOWSHIP with other friends and to encourage education through SCHOLARSHIP. They were Kenneth Gibbons, Alonzo (Lonnie) Bing, Edgar (Ned) Williams, Robert King and Wilbur Clarke.
In 1973, BOF held its first reunion at Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration. Since that time an annual reunion has been held, primarily at Boys and Girls High School, Fulton Street. These were generally held in September. The most recent, 2018 , was held in late June at St. Philip's Episcopal Church. Martin Hall, Decatur Street . In 1977 the  initial scholarship award of $500 was given to a graduate of Boys and Girls High School in memory of Ned Williams.



1982 - 1991   


In 1982, BOF gave its first Scholarship Dinner-Dance at Antun's Queens Village, which has continued to be the site through 2018. This event is our major source of raising funds. It is supplemented by the publication of an Anniversary Souvenir Journal which contains biographical sketches of community honorees, the listing of current and recent scholarship awardees and their scholastic attainments, patron ads from individuals, businesses and organizations; and BOF member tributes.

In 1987 - 1988, BOF completed the process of incorporation and received its tax exemption under section 501(c) (3)  of the Internal Revenue Code. During 1991, BOF instituted the granting of eight $100 bonds to two runners-up at each of the high schools where scholarships were awarded.



1992 - 2001


With the addition of one additional high school and the Educational Opportunity Center during 1994, the annual financial commitment peaked at $24,000 during 1994.  In 1995, BOF awarded its first Jazz Music Scholarship to a high school graduate. Through networking with the East Coast Jazz Festival, (Rockville, Md.) it permitted competition for the $1,500 to $3,000 Fish Middleton Jazz Scholarships in 1996. BOF's Jazz Scholarship winner also won the FMJS competition.



2002 - 2011


This era witnessed changes in scholarship awards, school downsizing and reformatting, budgeting, and as inevitable - our membership. In 2003, BOF increased its scholarship award to $2000 each year to the five Brooklyn High School  graduates ($10,000) and $200 to two runners-up in each school ($2,000), one full tuition scholarship ($3,500) for four years for a total commitment of $43,000 per year for 20 students in our program. Thomas Jefferson, George Wingate, and Prospect Heights were redesignated as Campus sites by the NYC Department of Education (formerly the Board of Education), each with four smaller "self-contained schools within the same building structure. The other two schools that we serve were under assessment for format change. Our BOF scholarship Teams were given the autonomy as to recruitment and selection of respective scholarship recipients.

2011 – Present

The BOF celebrated its 46th Anniversary in 2018 and  has awarded 173 scholarships totaling $489,500.00. This remarkable achievement has been realized through a combination of factors; (1) the vision, foundation and dedication that our founding members left for us (2) the continuation of that dedication by new members as they enter our organization (3) our loyal and faithful supporters through these years who believe in our mission. Our healthful thanks to our supporters, old and new, without you there would be no Brooklyn Oldtimers Foundation.
We gratefully acknowledge your support and hope the coming decade affords both the BOF and our supporters’ success.